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20th September 2013 : concert by the orchestra of Versaille

and the Polish Miners Choir.


Wednesday 08th February 2012


Press article written by Mr. Damiam MOSZ on the Polish website

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Chorale 66
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Press article in La Voix du Nord about « Entre terres », 2010


Press article in La Voix du Nord, about the concert performed in St Nicolas’church in Leforest on Saturday 23rd October 2010


Press article in La voix du Nord on 27th October 2010 about Cracow festival in October 2010


Press article about the concert in Maisnil (08th May 2010)
The Polish Miners’Choir chosen to celebrate the anniversary of « Sillons de Culture »
Wednesday 12th May 2010 – La Voix du Nord


The Polish Miners’Choir has sung a broad, traditional and modern repertoire.
As part of his annual cultural programming, Sillons de Culture had invited the Polish Miners’Choir of Douai,
on Saturday evening, in Maisnil. A male choir made of about thirty people, either tenor,
baritone or bass singers, under the direction of Henri Kikos.
An anniversary for the association, since its first cultural event occurred on 08th May 2002 in Maisnil, during an art exhibition. Since then, Sillons de Culture has organized about 100 cultural events.

The church of Maisnil was just roomy enough to let the 180 people of the audience come in. The audience was moved by these wonderful male voices and paid tribute to them with a standing ovation.


Chants folkloriques et religieux

The Polish Miners’Choir of Douai was created in 1947, by members who had left Poland in the 1920’s. Its repertoire

was then composed of traditionnal and religious songs.

But nowadays it is broader, even if its cultural heritage is still important. The choir sings 14th and 15th C songs, as well as baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music.

The choir has a motto in which it still believes : « Singing, our choir never stopped… » In Maisnil, the choir started to sing songs dedicated to the miners, reminding of the choir’s roots, such as a tribute to Nicolas Copernic.

Then the choir sang « Plaisir d’Amour », then military songs, an excerpt from Carmina Burana and a canticle. The war song composed by Berlioz echoed in the church, as did the American anthem for independence…. Not forgetting our North anthem, Le p’tit Quinquin, by Desrousseaux. The audience also appreciated Mr. Harenza’s bass voice.

Next event : Friday 21st May at 08 :30 (pm) in Herlincourt (under a tent) : a very amazing circus show “Piste and Love” with Thomas Dequidt and Antoine Clee.

Press article about the concert organized by the historical center.


On the 08th February 2009, concert in Carvin, St Martin Church
(Special thanks to René, bass voice)



General assembly of the choir on 25th January 2009, press article. Click on the link below. Please open Acrobat Reader first.
lavoicdunord-020209.pdf (merci à Richard des basses)

====================================================================On 25th October 2008 we celebrated our 60th anniversary. Together with Douai Géants Rotary Club, we organized the first male choir festival in church Notre Dame in Douai. That event was a real success story.


Gala organized by the ACLAHME association on 20th April 2007 in the village hall in Estrées.


Press article about our concert of the 20th October 2007 in Loffre (59)