Our late musical directors



                   He was the soul, the choirmaster of the famous Polish Miners’ Choir. Henri Kikos left on July 11, 2017. He lived in Flines and died Tuesday in Dechy after a long illness. He was 66 years old. The choir ? For this child from La Clochette, the son and grandson of a Polish miner, it was his whole life. As a young man, he had discovered the pleasure of playing clarinet and tenor sax. Music had become his passion as well as choral music. Next year, he should have celebrated his fifty years of choir. If he is not at the origin of the duality choir, since it exists since 1947, one can say that it opened new horizons to him. As a choirmaster, a position he held since 1993, he has enriched his musical heritage. Today, thanks to him, the choir can pride itself on singing songs from the 14th and 15th centuries, baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary. And she does not hesitate to associate with other ensembles to produce works such as the Requiem of Campra or Cherubini. The choir of Polish miners, he had traveled around France and even Europe. Henri Kikos had a career at CPAM. He had crossed all the ladder before leaving for a well-deserved retirement in 2010. He was then authorized. With her passing, the choir took a second blow in a very short time after that of Sylvain Patryas, his deputy chief, on May 11th.


(Lower Choriste )



                                                Our Deputy Chief Sylvain Patryas left us on May 11, 2017 at the age of 75. This unbelievable news takes away an invaluable person who throughout his life gave, gave, given to others. His loss will bruise a lot of people. Sylvain carried values ​​of total dedication and self-sacrifice that are lost in our society today. It made him a rare and unique person.
Laurent Kwiatkowski
President of the Polish Miners’ Choir of Douai