CD recorded in 2004

available contact us Mass No. 5 seminars Ch Gounod Kyrie Gloria – Santus Benedictus – Agnus Dei Battle of hym Repubic Wiazanka Ludowa Gdy bym dzwoneczkiem byl (a Polish ave maria). See excerpts on the directory page.


  CD recorded in 1995 available contact us
Pojdzmy Wszyscy do stajenki Cicha Noc (Silent Night) Lulajze Jezuniu
(Lullaby for Jesus). See excerpts on the directory page.

cdnoel cdnoelve

CD recorded in 1997 available contact us
Gorniczy Stan M’lampiste (minor vocals) The little Quinquin.


CD recorded in 1964 not available
vinilrec vinilver

33 rpm vinyl disc recorded in 1970 not available
image 33T mineurs