Tribute to the man of peace


The artists who contributed to this CD are all « bearers of peace ». Some have been (or still are) confronted to tragic or contentious situations : The Trebevic Choir of Sarajevo, the Jerusalem Oratorio Chamber Choir, the Taybeh children’s Choir in Ramallah, Reverend Goussan Aljanian, the monks and nuns of Abu Gosh Abbey, or Sister Rabia Motran. Through music, sometimes at the risk of their lives, they once decided to stand against hate and the absurdity of war. Others, such as the Byzantine Choir of Greece, The Polish Miners Choir of Douai or the Corsican band « Tavagna », because John Paul II’s message of reconciliation and harmony between men and religions have guided them in their faith, also took part to this tribute and to this token of hope in a brotherly world that could live in peace.


1 – St. Peter’s Square in Rome, 8 April 2005

2 – Miserere d’Allegri                                       Jerusalem Oratorio Chamber Choir

3 – Falla                                                              Trebevic mixed Choir (Sarajevo)

4 – Zahvalnica                                                  Chœur mixte Trebevic de Sarajevo

5 –  Oj Talasi                                                      Chœur mixte Trebevic de Sarajevo

6 – Z Tej Biednej Ziemi                                    The Polish Miners Choir of Douai

7 – Gaude Mater Polonia                                 The Polish Miners Choir of Douai

8 Ya Rab Assalami                                         the Taybeh children’s Choir in Ramallah

9 – Psaume 122                                                  the monks and nuns of Abu Gosh’ choir

10 – Ena Albaraya Beasreha                              Sister Rabia Motran

11 – Lakad Ahalta Alless Lelferdaws               Sœur Rabia Motran

12 – Oor es Mayr eem                                         Goussan Aljanian

13 – Psaume 135                                                 Byzantine Choir of Greece

14 – Lamentu à Ghjesù                                     Tavagna

Reportage on Polish TV